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The Underwood

Butcher Block Co.

51 Nitram Ave. suite #500

Jacksonville Florida 32211


Our butcher block cutting boards are reversible and we encourage you to use both sides regularly to ensure even wear. Each block is already "seasoned" with natural mineral oil and then finished with our own conditioner made from natural mineral oil and 100% pure white beeswax. Our blocks also come with Care and Use Instructions as well as a gift tag for easy gift giving!

Solid wood countertops are also finished in Mineral Oil with natural white Bee's wax, 100%Pure Tung Oil, or Conversion Varnish for a furniture like finish.

We hand select hard woods from various lumber suppliers using only the most select and sustainable “green” wood species available. Each piece is cut from raw lumber, dimensioned and assembled in our woodshop. The only man-made portion of our product is the glue, which is waterbased, FDA approved food grade and non-harmful to the environment. We also make our own butcher block conditioner from pure white beeswax and food grade mineral oil.

Each end-grain butcher block we create is different from the next and like no other. As we do repeat some popular patterns that we have created, even those are individually unique given the natural characteristics, colors and patterns of the wood grains.


51 Nitram Ave. #500

Jacksonville Florida


Woodshop Hours:

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 5PM

Sat: Call 904-338-2348

Sun: Call 904-338-2348